Thursday, August 16, 2007


Greetings in the Holy Name of Jesus.

Tis new to me this blog so allow me to introduce myself. We are Plain Catholics. We live a simple life on a mountain farm and I wear a cape dress and a prayer kapp for modesty to honor Our Lord and His Mother. We are another of the many and diverse cultures in the Roman Catholic Church. There are Italian Catholics, Polish Catholics, and then there are Plain Catholics.

We participate in our local parish doing volunteer work and enjoy going to Mass. While our Mass is in English, tis still a glory to the Salvation offered us through Our Savior.

We have a discussion group called Catholic Covered Plain and Crunchy. We share homesteading and simple living ideas, parenting, modest dressing, and our personal journeys in faith while encouraging one another in Gospel charity.

That's me away then.


Dawn said...

Hello there!
Just saw your post on The Walled Garden or Coffee Catholic's blog and wanted to extend a big hello to you. It's amaing to see Catholics and other denominations take up the plain attaire. I myself am a plain dressing Christian. Still trying to acquire a huge lot of cape dresses which of course takes money to get made since I do not sew, but slowly and surely the Lord is blessing me with more plain clothing. I love it! I love the journey He is leading me on and it's nice to find other like minded believers, regardless of denomination heed the calling the Lord has placed on their life!

Bless you,
Dawn in Germany

Coffee Catholic said...

Hello! I do hope you keep blogging! When I have some time I'll put your blog on my list of links. Your profile photo probably isn't working because it might be too big...

I'm part of that Yahoo group!


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Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus