Thursday, August 30, 2007

Time Warp

Having lived on a farm for ten years now I realize that my former life in suburbia was a time warp. Real life and it's problems are not solved in an hour nor even a day or week. Telly has skewed our perceptions of time and the need for a natural development and growth. In suburbia we are rushed about: fast checkout, fast food, express commuter's lane. When our children do not show behavioral improvement in a week we are told to take them to a psychologist for an evaluation. Learning takes time. Keep in mind I do not refer to violent behaviors here; I refer to those behaviors that are a normal part of a child's age such as talkative behavior in class, normal impetuosity and normal lapses in judgment because they are simply YOUNG!

Numerous studies speak of the damage from video games as well. Video games have been proven time and again to promote abnormal behaviors in children. In the Plain Catholic life we focus upon real time activities that teach responsibility, appropriate social interactions, and skills. Chores teach children to care for themselves. They enjoy the interaction with mom and dad who talk to them about life and joy and family history while finishing a task. Chores also give the children a sense of accomplishment. The young son who knows how to change the oil in his car, tune up his engine and replace his brake pads will not just save money; he will also have confidence in dealing with the larger problems of life. According to the latest studies, the child who is "unplugged" from the video games has been shown to be more mature and competent in life. Those of us who have homeschooled and sought to unplug ourselves from the latest fad of popular culture knew this as common sense.

Unplugging from the incessant noise of earphones, cell phones and telly allows us the quiet time we need to be with Jesus. The spiritual life is a balance of quiet prayer and apostolic activity; tis the good earth in which we grow in our Faith.

That's me away then.


Dawn said...

Amen Sister...Amen!
I hope you are having a blessed Thursday! My day was well. Looking forward to going to bed though to catch up on some much needed sleep. :)
My husband has 4 days off from work beginning tomorrow for the Labor Day holiday. We plan on enjoying ourselves those 4 days.
I can't believe it will be September in just a few short hours...

Bless you!

PandaBean said...

I love this idea. I pray for the strength to implament (sp) it into my own life. I have the very bad habit of having the TV on all day, even if I'm not watching it, simply for the sound. I don't have a radio or a CD player on the main floor of our home, where I do most of my daily work, so the TV becomes my "noise maker". I really need to work on learning to enjoy and love silence.

God Bless!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh so many truths in this post! I so much prefer the slow pace of my little town, and knowing most of the folks here and the simple life! Thanks for visiting me! We used to have a drugstore across from our park that had a soda fountain up until the 1980's. I sure miss that simple pleasure!

Matthew 5:16 So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

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