Saturday, March 29, 2008

Of Tomatoes, Roses and Politicians

Tis time for the gardening again. With the earth cleared and the nutrients added we set out our veg and lovely flowers for the coming season. One of the precious joys of living in the Appalachian mountains is the local folk wisdom. Last week, a lady who had just moved here asked one of our senior locals about the best way to grow tomatoes in our clay soil. The silver-haired sage replied in the best tradition of droll humor:
"Honey, them maters and roses are like politicians - they're happiest when they're up to their necks in manure. The difference is we have a use for maters and roses."
That's me away then.


Modestygirl said...

I like that; very apt!
I hope you don't mind me asking via a comment, only I couldn't find how to email you. I've got a brand-new baby blog, Modesty Girl, and I'd love to include your site as a link. May I?


Patty said...

Love that bit of wisdom. We had the best roses when our pony made contributions to the furtilizer.
I have blossoms on some of my tomato plants already and potatoes are coming up

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