Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Skills and Thrills

Well, maybe not thrills. In my wanderings around the internet I discovered free websites. Upon the urgings of others who were far more optimistic and confident in my computer skills than I, a new website has been created for Plain Catholics. It gives a peek into our lives as Catholics who live the Plain life. There are many Plain Catholics as it happens with our numbers growing each week as the Holy Spirit calls others to this life of living the Gospels simply. There are even some who live in Australia and Europe.

Now that tis finished, I realized that it took no less than 37 hours of computer time. Slow and steady wins the day.

Without further windup, here tis the website for

That's me away, then.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh how wonderful! I must really go see! You are a lot more computer savvy than you thought!

Coffee Catholic said...

Hello! It's been a while since I've haunted blogs hehehe! I'm still transitioning to a more plain lifestyle ~ it takes time to find the right kinds of clothes and head coverings that fit and yet work with farm life! I tend to avoid the Amishy outfits simply because I'm not living the Amish or Mennonite lifestyle and I don't want to accidentally be a bad witness for those groups, you know what I mean? Thankfully has a lot of "vague" head coverings and veils that seem to be working well!

I'm also trying out several styles of dresses that are modified from the old-fashioned styles like Colonial, Regency, Viking, Medeval (however you spell that word...)but without any of the fancy frills etc. Well... one dress has fancy ruffles because I ordered it from America and I had no idea my seamstress had chosen such BIG ruffles hahahaha!! These styles can be quite simple and plain without having to scream AMISH to everyone that sees me riding by in a car hahaha!

Our home is modern but it's not overrun with electronics and other "toys". We don't watch TV though sometimes I watch EWTN on the internet. I am slowly but surely integrating a more structured prayer life into my daily life ~ I bought the four volume Liturgy of the Hours and I'm trying to remember to pray the Rosary each day.

I feel very blessed to live on a farm because that deffinately helps us to live a more plain lifestyle. Because of my leg injury I haven't been able to build up the garden yet but I plan to do so as soon as I can!

I'm five months along now with my first pregnancy ~ I can't wait to introduce this little baby to the beauties and joys of the Catholic faith!!

God bless to you and your family!
~Michelle Therese

PlainCatholic said...

Michelle Therese: Indeed there are several Plain styles available. One of our main goals is to walk away from too much consumerism and to make our own clothing, food, etc. I have found the OGBB, the King's Daughters and the Amish patterns adapt more readily to pregnancy and nursing than other styles. Plus they are quite comfortable and practical.

By being separate from the secular world, we also dress separately. It has been my experience that people will mistake me for a nun more than as Amish, LOL. We canna control others' experiences, knowledge, nor misconceptions. We can only let them know who we are in a gentle and Christian way.

Mrs. L said...

Thanks for sharing your site! I really enjoyed reading the info and visitng all your links. God Bless!

Matthew 5:16 So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

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