Monday, February 23, 2009

Heart Check

Hearing a comment the other day, it made me examine my motivations more closely for fasting and abstinence. A lady said, "I can't wait for Lent because I have to lose 23 lbs for my swimsuit to fit!"

Do I fast and abstain to perfect my body or to perfect my soul?

That's me away.


Anonymous said...

Great insights as always! :)

A national gathering of Plain Catholics is a wonderful idea!

Clear Creek sounds like a good place to start! I've heard there are many homesteading/homeschooling/ farming families living around the monastery!

Please keep me posted!

God bless!

bilbannon said...

I've wondered the same thing.
Dieting has replaced fasting. Soon it will be in the confessional: "for your penance, avoid croque-monsieur at that French bistro that opened up on Main St....I saw you there the other day while I was having the duck confit which I've given up now for Lent along with Father O'Malley giving up the Mussel saffron soup."

Muhala Akamau said...

I'm putting you on my blogroll, dear. What a wonderful blog!

It is entirely too easy to blend our dieting and our fasting. It's terribly unhealthy for us spiritually. If I am trying to lose a few pounds, I take a leave from fasting until my weight loss goals (usually very small) are met. Then I am able to fast without thinking about weight loss. The temptation is always there.


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