Monday, January 10, 2011


  When we are forced to stay inside because of weather, it becomes essential to fight the cabin fever that can plague relationships. Winter weather is a delightful God-given opportunity to clear out clutter.

One cabinet that seems to harass all of us is the "plastic container zoo". Tis a temptation to keep it all, after all the thrifty side of us says we should not just throw it out and waste it. Still if one cannot remember when a container is bought or from whence it came, then tis time for it to leave the kitchen.

Children can be a blessing for this: those containers can be reused to corral the crayons and capture the small game bits that seem to forever scatter. They can take the containers and learn to categorize, to organize, to label thus putting into practice multiple scholastic skills. Husbands too, appreciate those containers for their workshops to organize the nails and screws that seem to always need a home. 

So this snowy day, all the containers were cleared away from the cabinet and reused in a more useful fashion. The rest shall see the recycle container for plastics; whenever the roads are clear again. 
That's me away.

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Rhoto said...

It IS a time to take inventory, eh!! For me, I've been taking a good, hard look at our clothing and deciding what needs to be shared/sewn anew/bought. It's a satisfying activity, too. Because these things-to-go-through clutter our minds, every time we open their "owner" cupboard ;)
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Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus