Thursday, June 26, 2008

As Good As It Gets

From "Washington Times"
"Think globally, eat locally"

by Paul Greenberg
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The idea that to everything there is a season seems to strike Modern Man as quaint. Pity those who never waited for that sun-dipped time of the year when all gathered on the back porch under the ceiling fan while, one after another, the perfectly prepared products of the family garden were set down with a solid plunk on the old wooden table: string beans and summer squash served with a generous dab of churned butter, black-eyed peas and inevitable okra, butter beans and a platter of chilled green onions just washed and still glistening, and yes, rich, red, juicy, real homegrown tomatoes. With fresh cornbread, of course. And cold buttermilk. For dessert, watermelon. Ah, life was good. It still can be.

Tis a typical supper at our house, this (except for the onions which are not so agreeable to our g.i. tracts in our senior years). Add to that fare collards, kale, hubbard squash, green beans, neeps and their greens, mustard greens as well as potatoes of both the white and the sweet variety. Let us not forget our fresh eggs from the hen house too.

Butter beans (called butter peas when picked early) are loaded with excellent proteins; indeed, all of this fair is now declared health food. Combined with a healthy gardening habit, the doctors have declared us unusually fit and trim for our years.

For weight lifting we heft 50 lb bags of animal feed; 80 lb bags of concrete mix; dig post holes (good for your delts); heft 40 lb honey supers on the hives; chop wood; and clear fields.

Aerobics? Have you ever spent an hour just chopping wood? Walking dogs? Traversing stairs 30+ times per day for various tasks while carrying items?

Indeed, I do not see the petrol crisis nor the tomato scare as an obstacle; tis an opportunity for all of us to re-center and re-order our priorities. To discover once again that man is made to move and to enjoy all that God provides in nature. For all that God provides is good. He knows us down to our last hair follicle.

That's me away then.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love a mess of fresh veggies or fruit from the garden. Of course now a days we have had to find a different way to garden and some things I can not have yet still we enjoy some items. We will be adding more raised containers as time goes on for even more.
You are living proof that hard work is better than any gym!

deb said...

I am crossing my fingers that my hubby will let us buy three or four hens from a friend. When I was a kid, I used to work on a farm with my grandmother and some of our pay was an assortment of fresh vegetables that she canned for us. I suppose that we were lower income people then, but I enjoyed the work and the food was good, so I never felt deprived.


This was a wonderful post!!! It brough back many joyfull memories of my childhood. It was a great time then. I have no garden any more but I am joyful today for other reasons. connie from Texas

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Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus